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Weyrmeeting and Prep for Weyrmeet!
myrpern wrote in fortweyr_nc
As posted on the Fort BB Aug. 20th...

The Weyr Council will be meeting within the week so I would like to invite our Fortians to a Weyrmeeting! This will take place after the WC has met in order for me to share information with you. It will also be a time for us to discuss the future, brainstorm ideas and enjoy each other's company. :)

So please join me on Sunday, August 31st, 8:30PM Eastern in the Council Chambers room! Hope to see you all there!

Also, any Fortian interested in attending a fairly brief meeting to plan for the upcoming Weyrmeeting to consider potential agenda items is welcome to attend a prep for the weyrmeeting. If you would like to attend, please page me on the game, +mail on the game or email me to express your interest. We will then decide what day and time are best for all.

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