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Just to add a clarification, I will be logging into NC Fort Weyr when the game returns and will continue my position as Weyrleader. I will not be leaving this game. I had previously indicated I would be going IC "not long after" and later stepping down from my position, but with the new developments, I am foregoing that at this time.

Also, as a reminder, please note that this LJ is for RP logs and information directly regarding Fort Weyr at NC, PernMUSH.

PernMUSH Update: Downtime and NorConMUSH
A further update from Dyane:

As of 10PM ET, power was restored. We were lucky that the tornado and microbursts missed my neighborhood but it was close enough to cause a lot of damage in general across roads and such (branches down, power lines down, substation damaged severely). Now that we have electricity back, we can move forward. The new machine is unscathed and is roaring fast compared to the one it was one. It has a new hard drive, fans, etc. Now I wait for Jellan to do the install since he has the game and the DB at his home (he saved the DB and has it). Since I had no power, nothing was done this week since well, you can't access a server without power ;). I don't know if he is around this weekend to do the transfer but I will try to get a hold of him and find out when he will do the transfer. I can't promise anything since it is the weekend and I don't know what his family schedule is. What I CAN promise is that PernMUSH will be back and it will NOT take months. We know people are impatient and would like to get back on. I do too since I'm feeling major withdrawl symptoms for not playing and seeing people myself.

As far as NorConMUSH is concerned, we wish them well. I hope they find there what they were not able to find on PernMUSH. Games starting up from ours is not a new occurence. We have weathered this type of thing before and don't see a reason why we won't again. There is plenty of room on the internet for other Pern games. :)

Our goal is as it always has been to provide a fun, friendly Pern themed roleplay environment for all to enjoy while keeping to the canon of McCaffrey's world. We are happy that many people are planning on staying and we will work on making sure the game progresses forward in a fun and enthusiastic manner.

I know it is difficult to be patient. Trust me, I am doing all I can. I wish I could control the weather because it would be totally awesome but I can't. I will contact Jellan to get the game installed now that I am in the land of technology and power again. I can tell you we will be one wizard short for a few weeks as one of our corp has just had a new baby and is taking the time to be a new dad. :) Please keep patient and I do appreciate the understanding more than anyone knows.

Game Update
This is the latest from Dyane regarding the status of the game:

"We have the new machine and we will be going live as soon as we can install it. It's been a serious of unfortunate events - Pern going down when I and Jellan were on vacation, then the storms hitting, Acts of God. We really want to get the game up ASAP ... I'm feeling withdrawal symptoms.

I have spent the week cleaning up from storm issues and got stable power back late last night. We will more forward as quickly as possible but please understand, getting RL back to normal is the priority since we have families.

PernMUSH is not shutting down and we will be back. We wish the new mush well in their new endeavor. Those people wanting to stay at PernMUSH will, obviously, be welcomed with open arms and we will move forward as we have always done. Our goal is to provide a welcoming game for all people and to have fun. :)"

Game Update
Palia | 13-15
From Dyane - After experiencing severe thunderstorms, microbursts and a tornado touchdown we are currently without power, as are over 400,000 other people in the area. Currently we are told it may not be back til mid-late Thursday which means getting the game back is delayed too since our installation was interrupted by the storms (transferring across the net and now no power). All we can do is wait and hope we can have things done by the weekend or so. Thanks.

Upcoming Leadership Changes
Changes in Fort Weyr's leadership are in process. Zahava has left the game to tend to a very busy RL. She has requested that her char become ill and pass away, with Ciath going *between*. Our newest gold, Berit, has consented to move into the Senior Weyrwoman position so please offer her a warm Fortian welcome and your support as she transitions into the position in the days ahead. :)

Finally, not long after the game comes back up, I will be changing to IC Weyrleader until a leadership flight takes place, then I will be fully stepping down. It has been my distinct pleasure to be a part of Fort Weyr for over two years and I am grateful for the opportunity to be with you all! Keep an eye on the FortBB for news of the changes to take place. Hopefully, the game will be back soon and we will be 'home' again, enjoying each other's company in RP! :)

- M'yr

PernMUSH Update!
Dyane pops on quickly and gives an update re PernMUSH. We are moving the game to a new machine in a new location completely to get it fully out of RR's reach. Our goal is to get it up and running by early next week. I just returned from vacation so I now can get working on the new machine/location. To reassure all, we managed to get the hard drive up long enough to get another copy of the database so we should be uptodate from the day of the outage. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Fort Weyr Hatching! - From the Sands
Fort Weyr Hatching (Soldreth and Ciath) - Saturday, July 19, 2008 2:00PM Eastern

Here They Come!Collapse )

Egg Descs Used At The Hatching
The following are the egg descriptions that were submitted which we used at the Hatching. At this time, I unfortunately do not have a complete list (the Honorable Mentions) but hope to get those soon. Hearty thanks to all who submitted eggs, used or not. I wish we could have used all of them. They were great!

Those Cute Lil Wrappers!Collapse )

Hatching Day!
Bronze Soldreth and Gold Ciath are now the proud clutchparents of new Weyrlings! A total of 15 are finding a home in Fort's Weyrling Barracks, tended to by the Weyrlingmaster and his team.

The total clutch is divided as follows:

1 Gold
2 Bronze
3 Brown
4 Blue
5 Green

PC pairs include:

A'riste (Aeriste) and Bronze Valioth
Berit and Gold Zibeth
D'kai (Dekelvai) and Bronze Mikhuth
Jendel and Brown Keseth
Nerine and Green Zerith
Paige and Green Tiasheth
X'den (Xhaiden) and Blue Zhoroth

Once again we found ourselves with a hatching in the middle of game downtime, but with a lot of patience, hard work and understanding, the event took place with minimal snafus. :) Many many thanks to our Candidates who shared their enthusiasm, creativity, laughter and dedication with us! They are indeed a great group, no doubt about it! Special thanks go out to all the others who helped to make the Hatching a success, going the extra mile for Fort Weyr. Our Search Committee, Candidate Coordinators, Egg Describers, Searchriders, guests at the Hatching, the hospitality of TOO MUSH, really all those who helped in the myriad of ways to contribute to our event!

Dragon information can be found at:

Hatching on TooMUSH, Saturday, July 19th, 2pm ET
Palia | 13-15
Hear ye, hear ye, Fort's upcoming Hatching will be held on TooMUSH on Saturday, July 19th, 2pm ET in the StoryLine rooms off the Fort Weyr refugee room: #369.

Those wishing to /watch/ the Hatching should take the "Story 2" exit.

Candidates, your CCs will organize you and direct you to the "Story" exit to go onto the Sands. If you Impress, one of the WLM-team will page you with an exit to take to exit the Sands to continue post-Impression RP.

Any Candidates who will not be able to make this date and time, please contact M'yr, T'aren and P'draig ASAP.

AWLMs, please contact P'draig if you will not be able to make the Hatching as well.

Any questions, comments or concerns should be addressed to the Weyrleaders.


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