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FL - InterWeyr Games
sunika_ftw wrote in fortweyr_nc
While the donor of the eggs is still unknown, what /is/ known is that 9 of the 11 eggs hatched during the InterWeyr Games' last night of festivities. The Impressees, in no particular order, are:

Calliosae - Victorious Viridian Green
Naida - Prideful Fighter Green
Kyrola - Cobalt Champion Blue
Miraen - Triumphant Topaz Gold
Carisandra - Unexpected Hero Bronze
S'lek - Intrepid Entrepreneur Green
C'ael - Against All Odds Bronze
Lacy - Undefeated Umber Brown
Aion - Eternal Underdog Blue

It's still possible for the last two (Smug Sapphire Blue and Determined Conquerer Brown) to be Impressed via a backscene; just ping Sunika in-game for details. :)

Pride's Prize Egg

Velvety shades of matte, royal purple provide a luxurious backdrop to the peculiar markings upon this egg -- namely, three large, metallic discs that cover much of it. Gold crowns the apex with perfection, a silvery disc taking residence somewhere in the middle. At the bottom is bronze, half-hidden by sand.

Triumphant Topaz Gold

Golden topaz washes over this modestly-sized and well-built gold 'lizard, covering her completely and utterly in that prideful, triumphant hue. The purity of golden topaz resolves with pale, crystalline clarity on her wingsails and in her talons, while growing darker along the spars and down the length of her polished neckridges, as well as around her eyes. Her tail is draped in fractured hues, darks and lights blending just so to give it a strangely faceted effect. Head held high, this is a firelizard that knows her place and station among her kind and even if she will never be the largest or the fastest, she will always carry herself as if she were.

Gilded Leaves Egg

Cresting the top of this austere, white egg is an intricately woven design at the apex that hangs with a slightly lopsided tilt. Gold and green mingle into a curious sort of wreath, evoking images of leaves and branches. Yet, this egg wears the odd marking with a jaunty pride, itself set straight up in the basket with the most rigid of egg postures.

Victorious Viridian Green

Sturdily built is this particular green, neither too large nor too small; too lean nor too heavy. Her hide is a base of lush viridian, marred only with bands of darkened sage about her forearms and hind legs, as well as her neck and tail. Her wings are far lighter than the rest of her, almost luminous in their pallor, and are often snapped wide in challenge to other firelizards. There's a certain quality about the structure of her face, a kind of pride that resonates with every carefully chosen step she takes. She might not be a gold, but she's every bit as demanding as one.

Ice Glazed Egg

Purest white encases this egg, a sense of translucence being granted by both its unusually glossy exterior and the ice-blue shadows that slither across the surface. Here and there, the white seems scarred with crescents and lines in that blue and hints of grey -- as if cut with a knife or some other sharp implement.

Prideful Fighter Green

This is a lean, mean, and very scrappy green. As firelizards go, she's more wild than not -- from her eye-catchingly bright hide to the flashy way she snaps her wings and whips her tail in challenge to others, she is not one to be easily tamed. Lurid peridot covers her entirely, save for a mantling of darker green that shrouds her head and neck, only to drape over her shoulders and vanish. Her wings, too, are composed of that semi-contrasting darkness and used, oft-times, in the way a cape might when not used for flight. Her tail is an ominously whippy thing, managing to be even more bright than the rest of her as if in perpetual warning to stay back and away.

Artistic Contortions Egg

Lucid blue might once have been the basis of this egg, but it is rendered to mere glimpses between varied arcs and curves of tan. Perhaps, if one squints, they might imagine an elbow here, a knee there -- an effortless back-bend or a flip hinted at flirtatiously along the edges. Abstract forms and nothing more.

Cobalt Champion Blue

A rich, deep cobalt enshrouds this stately blue firelizard completely, from the tip of his aristocratic muzzle to the tip of his perfectly formed tail. He carries himself with a pride as distinguished as his colour ... except when it comes to protecting his chosen human or his mate du jour. Then and only then will he become an utter terror, a berserker of a champion that can only be deterred with the choicest of treats. Overall, he is a well-balanced, medium-sized creature with a slightly stocky build, with only a slight variance of colour on his back and wings -- a mottled, smoky overtone to lend him an almost velveteen appearance.

Speedy Illusions Egg

A grass green shell is neatly bisected by a ring of tawny that encircles it around the middle, forming what appears to be a track for a series of dots that are scattered upon it. Locked in an eternal race with no end, the egg itself is slanted slightly, tilted in the sand as if prepared to make a break for things.

Smug Sapphire Blue

The clean, opaque blue of a star sapphire has been taken and superheated to the melting point and seemingly poured over the sinuous length of this sneaky firelizard. Possessed of long fingers and a low build, he is a 'lizard meant for creeping and crawling as much as he is meant to slink through the skies on star-bright wings. While he might be brightly hued, there's just something about him that will make it hard to trust -- perhaps it's the odd angularity of his face or the dark shadows lacing around his eyes ... then again, it might just be the oddly smug way his muzzle will curl when he's satisfied.

Solid Steel Egg

Seemingly hewn of naught but polished steel, there are a few darkened spots on this spheroid egg that hint at dents or scratches upon its smooth surface. Its colouration is enough to lend it a sense of suggested mass, and, were it anything else, its shape would lend itself to being thrown quite nicely.

Unexpected Hero Bronze

Kludgy. That one word sums up the entirety of this rather lumpy bronze 'lizard, from the tip of his blunted muzzle to his short, slightly crooked tail. Even his hide appears to have dents in it, the dull, imperfectly mottled bronze of his hide having irregular blotches of darker bronze here and there. What he lacks in classical good looks and grace, he seems to make up for in sheer size -- he's a husky thing, with thick limbs and wide wings that always seem uneven -- and a warm, friendly personality with a protective streak for children or other small things. Itchy hide will be a common issue with this one, so he will absolutely adore anyone willing to oil him.

Watery Trials Egg

Pale blue is washed over in successive layers of darker and darker hues, while a fine lacework of white has been mottled over the whole to give this egg a distinctly watery appearance. A bit glossier than the average egg, it has also picked up some flecks of sand to add just a bit of shimmer to the whole.

Intrepid Entrepreneur Green

Sweetened mint layers itself upon this delicate green firelizard, giving her a cool and youthfully refreshing appearance that's accentuated by her wide eyes and cheerful chirp. She's a small thing, quick of feet and nimble of wing; she also tends to use her sweet personality in her favour to garner treats and attention. Her wings are brightly contrasting to her medium-hued hide, like paper-thin wedges of candied lime, while her paws are simply a lighter shade of mint with freckles of that hue spattered all up her haunches and strewn down her tail, as if she had sprinted through a pile of sweetener.

Cold Competitions Egg

Crystalline whites and pearlescent grays converge upon this egg, with only faint hints of chill blue at the fringes to lend a further sense of drifting coldness to this egg. The surface appears soft as snow and just as cool, though a touch will prove this is just another egg. Down the back, several dots are spattered upon it, all racing toward the bottom.

Determined Conquerer Brown

Smoky brown drifts across the lean, athletic frame of this brown 'lizard, his hide shrouded in a mysterious haze. Seared sienna streaks down his neckridges and back, only to fade out toward his tail, while his paws and talons are dredged in charcoal darkness. Charred brown is streaked under his eyes, with more markings on his limbs in exotic, tribal patterns as if placed there by some ancient hand. While on the smaller side as browns go, he carries himself as if he were so much larger ... and if he doesn't get his way, then expect a headbutt or a flat-out flying tackle. He will have a habit of playing with his food by tossing it in the air and will play catch -- even with garbage someone is trying to discard of.

Unexpectedly Talented Egg

A medium green that could be termed 'ugly' covers this egg like so much matte felt. But, where it shines, is in the singular point of bright, glossy white -- a rounded disc that is precariously balanced on the very top. The egg itself is rigidly upright, as if intent on balancing that spot of white and to keep it from tumbling to the ground.

Against All Odds Bronze

This medium-sized and lanky bronze 'lizard is all awkward joints, neck, and tail -- either his appendages are oversized or his body is undersized, lending him a perpetually uncoordinated appearance, particularly on the ground. His hide is a pure, clean bronze from start to finish, with an elaborate filigree of gold masking his face and threading artfully between his 'ridges, while his 'sails are a translucent version of that selfsame hue. Persistence will be his trademark, often pushing himself above and beyond what he should, and will someday result in a surreal and uncanny grace in the air and water that he will never have on the ground.

Bright Bullseye Egg

While brown coats one entire half of this egg, from top to bottom, the other half is striking, with even and concentric rings of alternating white and black, with a bright red dot in the center. It's an egg that challenges in a way and begs to be hit, though preferably from within rather than without.

Undefeated Umber Brown

He's a hefty brown firelizard, built from a solid framework of charred umber that's supported with burnt sienna here and there in broad strokes along his limbs. Large enough to rival a bronze with ease, he also manages to carry himself with disconcerting grace and silence. On the wing is where he is the most graceful, however, held aloft with powerful wings of mahogany sails and charcoal spars. Neck and tail alike are a bit short, granting him a stubby appearance. His blunted muzzle may result in an odd habit or two -- this fellow will be terribly prone to snoring and 'whuffling', and he will often be found pawing at his nose.

Blazing Inspiration Egg

A heated blaze of gold and red writhes upon the surface of this egg, twisting and twining for all eternity amid charcoal wisps of smoke. No source of its immolation can be seen, nor the fuel that feeds it. Indeed, one might well say that it is a fire of imagination and nothing more, meant to inspire questions -- and bets! -- of what is and what is not.

Eternal Underdog Blue

Washed out slate blue comprises the majority of this diminuitive blue firelizard's hide, the hue only serving to accentuate his sickly-seeming frame. He is the sort that appears perpetually hungry, all sharp angles and pale hide. Yet, despite that, there is a dogged determination in his wide eyes, a steely resolve in the line of his sleek jaw -- his neckridges march sturdily down his back, even as he moves with a self-same sense of purpose. His wings are like panes of periwinkle glass, though far more resilient than such a thing, and his tail is a whipcord length of a similar hue, darkening just a touch toward the tailtips.

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